Welcome to the Mug and Bucket Podcast!

Mug & Bucket is a metaphor to those unspoken, often unannounced moments in our lives, which are the actual harbingers of change. In this podcast, we will give you incredible stories of such moments in the lives of prominent personalities.

And since you are here already let me give you a sneak peek. By listening to this podcast, I’m sure you will discover some crazy, surprising, and incredible moments which triggered a change in the lives of people you admire. It will help you recognize, reflect, and understand that these moments happen to all and have the power to change our lives if we act on them.

Each episode of this podcast will feature tales of new guests from arts, sports, politics, business, and education who will stimulate your thoughts and give a chance to relive the experience of their Mug & Bucket moments with you.

  • About Host

    Piyush Shinde is a passionate sales and marketing strategist who provides innovative approaches to the companies across the globe.

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