Radha Chakyat
Episode 15: Radha Chakyat - Beyond the Lens

Podcast Host: Piyush Shinde

Guest Interview: Radha Chakyat

About Radha Chakyat:

Radhakrishnan Chakyat is a renowned photographer in his own right and might and also the brainchild behind Pixel Viilage. His brilliance is noticeable in turning modest portrayal of home, lifestyle, celebrities, fashion, architecture and interiors, films and so on, into an extraordinary piece of art.

Through the initiative of Pixel Viilage, his singular goal is to spearhead in helping one to become the best in creating the best of what can be expressed through the lenses. The best part about his initiative is in learning to create extraordinary art with the minimum resources and ability that we can possibly attain.

Tune in to know his Mug and Bucket Moments.

So what is your mug and bucket moment?

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