Mahesh Aney
Episode 4: Mahesh Aney - Lights, Camera, Action!!

Podcast Host: Piyush Shinde

Guest Interview: Mahesh Aney

● How would you define cinematography to a layman? So now since you have answered that, what according to you best defines cinematography? An art or a Craft? And why?

● You have done more than 1000 very successful commercials for tops brands coca-cola, UTV, Fevicol to name a few and also won a National award for a movie that won hearts across generations, SWADES. Which particular movie or an advertisement for you stand out through the scope of cinematography, and why do you say that?

● Having seen the movie production from close quarters I know there is a lot of technicalities which go into cinematography, the main thing being light, colours, shoot location and camera angles etc. Light is like food for any cinematographer! How important is the director's vision on all this? Who according to you is the master behind how a particular scene looks on screen? Director or Cinematographer?

● Now being a national award winner for the highly successful and critically acclaimed movie Swades, why was there no big brands or movies to follow? Was the industry saying, “now that he has won a national award, Mahesh Aney will charge more” or was it a conscious decision not to take big banner movies or something more than what meets the eye!

● I have seen all the successful Marathi movies you have worked on recently, Pitruroon, Dashakriya and Pushpak Viman, was it a conscious decision to move into Marathi cinema? Or they just came your way?

● Tell us the difference of working for a Marathi cinema, Hindi cinema and the recent booming web series space from a technician or cinematography point of view. You have done all three! And the maddest moment in your career!

● You have had an illustrious career in Indian cinema and your contribution is unparalleled. Now dating back, please shed some light on those moments when the actual seed was sown, which altered the course of your life. The mug and bucket moment, which defined who you are today!

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