Episode 1: Jitendra Chouksey - The Journey you know; The man you don't

Jitendra Chouksey is the founder & director of the online platform SQUATS.in. His journey started from being a regular IT professional to becoming a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. JC has come a long way in the fitness world and has a vision of creating one lakh jobs in the fitness industry and transforming around 50 million individuals.

SQUATS started as a WhatsApp group where Jitendra Chouksey would help his friends and family members get fit. When some of them got results, they told others and soon he was being chased by a lot of people who wanted him to make them fit. It wasn’t easy for him to help so many people and so he started educating them. After all, getting fit isn’t exactly rocket science!

Around 2015, he and his few colleagues created a Facebook group and started addressing people’s queries around fitness and nutrition! It soon became a thriving community where people would learn, discuss, share, motivate others about adopting a healthy lifestyle! They realized that a lot of people, despite getting all the help, simply didn’t have time to read and implement/experiment and they wanted someone to guide them in a more personal & accountable manner and that’s when the idea of creating an online coaching platform struck JC. He shared this idea with a select few who he met online through SQUATS group and they loved it. They all collected a sum of around 90,000 Rupees and created their first website with the help of a developer. On 1st Jan 2016, they launched www.squats.in and the rest is history.

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