Indraneel Chitale
Episode 10: Indraneel Chitale: Anecdote of a humble scion

Podcast Host: Piyush Shinde

Guest Interview: Indraneel Chitale

About Indraneel Chitale:

Indraneel is a 4th Generation Partner and CEO of the 80-Year-old Chitale Group. He is involved in the Strategy, Manufacturing, Automation, Operations and R&D part of the business.

Some of the questions that we cover in our chat with Indraneel include:

● Who in the family came up with the recipe of Bhakarwadi?

● Could you please take us through group history? Could you take us through the evolution of the group for our listeners?

● There must be people who must be saying that you got this all easy since it is the 4th generation… do you answer something like that?

● You are the 4th generation of Chitale Bandhu into the business. And 13 cousins are overlooking the business as of today out of which 60% are engineers. What is the engineering connection?

● I'm sure running a family-owned business has a lot of unseen challenges where there is a thin line between being professional and a relative. How difficult it is for board members to come to a consensus on a particular policy or important company decisions?

● There was a tweet post the announcements you made in thane, the announcement was to keep the shop open between 1 to 4. Whose decision was it? How did you guys come to a consensus on that? help us understand where did all start. How did it impact the business?

● Now tell me who is who in the board member when I say this: a) The Mischievous, b) The lazy one c) The one who eats the most d) The critic e) Bol Bacchan

● Does your wife help you with your work? It's a love marriage, right? How and when did you meet her? And tell us who proposed whom? On a lighter note, what do you do to get her special attention when you guys have arguments? What is your favourite hang out place in Pune with her?

● I have read this book, rich dad poor dad which talks about how dad’s with business backgrounds raise their children as opposed to others. What is the most memorable lesson he has taught you by your father which has stayed with you? What does he call you btw?

● Being the CEO of a big group is challenging, how do you spend your leisure time and re-energize?

● We got to know about your exercise and bikes Now tell me what are your preferences when it comes to Clothing, Shoes, Watch, Car, liquor, Chitale product and fav moms dish.

● You also have an interest in poker, but today there is a lot of youth who have invested a lot of time hampering their mainstream careers what do you want to say?

● I remember, when I visited the factory, we spoke at length about the technology. IoT and artificial intelligence. How are you leveraging that? And you also spoke about some express stores concept.

● How do you stay relevant in the market with the growing competition? Someone like Haldiram also has bakarwadi...

● Before we go to the mug and bucket moment, what is it that you would have done if you were not the CEO of the Chitale group and born somewhere in a parallel universe?

● So what is your mug and bucket moment?

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